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Multiple uses of the QR asset tag

QR tags aren't just for inventorying, audits and asset management. Android smartphones can pick up wireless network information directly from QR codes, logging in automatically, which can be a lot faster than manually typing in the usual alphabet soup. Since you can encode vCalendar information, too, you might have everyone who receives a particular handout scan a code that automatically invites them to a meeting the following week.

Sending users to websites is one of the central features of QR codes, and there are plenty of ways that canny businesses have taken advantage. In California's Marin County, a pilot program is associating QR codes with health information stored online, giving paramedics quick access to information that could save the life of someone too incapacitated to pass on that information themselves.

QR asset tags can also be used to keep bikes and other property tempting to thieves safe by encoding the owner's information in a hard-to-deface format, or sending smartphone users who scan the code to a website that helps them report the theft.

Needless to say, even though they're still an emerging technology, QR tags have countless marketing applications, like this shadow QR code sculpture that's only visible at certain hours of the day. QR codes can take the people who scan them to a marketing site, product or event page, or customer service chat page.
Qr Code Uses
If you happen to run a dystopian government anytime in the future, you may be tempted to include the classic tattooed barcode in your repertoire of evil. But try not to make the barcodes look too ominous… please?