QR code applications go beyond marketing

Scan and win free tournament tickets, avail exciting offers, download free music, and more – QR codes have certainly become marketing ninjas for companies. They help you get new customers, increase sales, and enhance brand exposure.

The commercial QR code applications have literally overshadowed the less-creative-more-useful purposes of QR codes like embedding instructional information. However, attempts from a few companies show how QR codes can be used with products/devices to offer better customer services.

Following stories will show you how scanning QR codes lead users to an instructive process, a how-to video, or an informative platform. New QR code applications help users decode complex processes and give answers to most of their queries.

1. QR Codes Show How-to Video Tutorials 

Purite, a leading manufacturer of water purification systems, has started a QR code application in which customers can scan a QR code on the packaging and directly go to videos showing step-by-step demonstrations of replacing the purifier’s cartridges.

The replacement process is a complex one and needs a systematic explanation that only a video can provide. Companies are seeing QR code technology as a tool to “save time and boost efficiency”. Since users have access to such videos 24 x 7, there is no need to set up a customer support team for live assistance.

2. QR Codes make information available to the end user

In another practical application, Fecon, the largest supplier of forestry mulcher “Bull Hog”, has introduced QR codes on the serial number plates of its mulchers. Customers can scan this unique code that embeds a list of commonly used parts specific to their machines. It also has the company’s contact information. This will help not just the buyers of Bull Hog mulchers, but also the second and third owners of the machines. Often, later owners do not receive the user manuals.

3. Find your pet with QR codes

QR Codes For Finding Pets

QR code collar tags give your pet an extra layer of protection. Image by PetHublog

Lost your pet? Was he wearing a QR code Pet ID Tag? An organization in Seattle, PetHub, uses information embedded in a QR code to help find lost pets in a fast and safe way. The pet is given a QR code pet ID tag that can be scanned by any smartphone.

The QR code directs to an online pet’s profile and helps the finder contact the pet owner. The free online profile contains critical medical and dietary information about the pet and contact information of the pet owner, which otherwise is difficult to obtain.

Not just that, if your pet goes missing, the finder’s scan of its PetHub tag will tell you the exact GPS location of the scanner’s phone through an instant email notification. You can then click on the map to get directions to the location.

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