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QR Codes For Finding Pets
Bond No. 9 can be purchased only via scanning QR code
QRcode Name Tag


Barcodes were bound to change. It wasn’t just that EAN, ISBN, 128 and 39 codes were getting a little staid – consumers needed to be able to pack more information into each scannable code. Scanning QR codes can mean sending a text message, receiving a calendar entry, contact or hyperlink, dialing a telephone number, sending a message to replica watches an email address...anything that can be encoded into short character sets. QR codes enable users to replica watches be more flexible with what they scan and what kind of information they’re gathering, making them an eminently flexible tool for asset tagging and inventory.


Keep your things to yourself.
Smartphone Code Scanner
A QR asset tag acts as both tracking and deterrent. When potential thieves see QR tags, they know someone's paying attention.
Download Movies
Keep tabs on who's using what.
Keyring Qr Asset Tags
Asset tagging allows you to keep track every time someone uses your company's assets. QR codes let you monitor your goods.
Let people know how to find you.
Bike-Guard Qr Codes
QR asset tags can help return a lost valuable to its rightful owner, like this BikeGuard-protected bicycle.
Flexible, durable materials.
Cylinder Qr Tags
Tough-as-nails aluminum tags take serious time and effort to pry from whatever they’re attached to – and they’re easy-to-use, too.